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Keep your pet safe from predators!

Pet Runs Protect Your Pets!

If your yard is not fenced in, or if there are predators in your area (i.e. hawks, owls, or coyotes) a pet run might be just what you need to deter predators and allow your pet the freedom to go outside.  We offer modular, configurable pet runs.  They are good for dogs , cats and other pets that you might have.  They are configured in 4-foot sections and have a gate for easy human access.
  • Configurable – Modular 4’ wide welded wire sections, 4’ high and 6’ high options, gate
  • Safe and Secure – center welded wire mesh (no sharp edges), anchored into the ground, deters predators
  • Durable and Quality Construction – 8-guage welded wire mesh, commercial grade all-steel frame (no plastic parts)
  • Attractive – 2-step powder coated finish (black)
  • Warranty – One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
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  • Predator Deterrent Top
  • Flooring
    • Deters your pet from digging out and predators from digging in
    • Keeps pet high and dry
    • Comfortable non-stick surface
    • Will not absorb odors
    • Easy Cleanup – Just hose it off
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What size do you need?

Once you have determined where you want you're pet run to be built, you will need to determine how large you need it to be.

    • Sample sizes (4’wide increments)
      • 4’ x 8’
      • 4’ x 12’
      • 4’ x 16’
      • 4’ x 20’
      • 8’ x 8’ (Top not available)
      • 8’ x 12’ (Top not available)
      • 12’ x 12’ (Top not available)
      • And more!
      • 4' or 6' height?
You can find all of our information about how to choose the appropriate size pet door for your furry friend and ordering replacement parts on our information page.




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