Hale Pet Doors Rescue Rewards Program

You Adopt! We Donate!

In 2016, Hale Pet Doors of Arizona started donating Rescue Rewards separate from Hale Pet Door Corporate. We are excited to share that the giving has grown and with your help we have been able to save pet's lives across the state of Arizona!

2016 - $1409  |  2017 - $4098  |  2018 - $6490  |  2019 - $9893  =  Total - $21890

THANK YOU for adopting and saving a life!  When you purchase one of our pet doors for your rescued pet, you receive a 10% discount, and Hale Pet Doors of Arizona will donate an additional 10% to your shelter or rescue group!


Hale Pet Doors of Arizona donates to scores of rescue groups and shelters.  Tell your favorite group about us!  It is our privilege to support volunteers on the front lines of animal rescue, and it's our hope that one day all homeless pets with have a home (and pet door) of their very own.

Call us today to order your pet door and receive your 10% discount and 10% donation to your rescue group!


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